I’m joined by a veteran Healthcare Leader who has managed frontline Healthcare Workers in arguably one of the strangest and most taxing periods in our history.  She prides herself in serving as a clinical expert and role model for her staff in a culture that prioritizes patient care, performance, efficiency and staff engagement.  She’s agreed to share some stories from her people management journey as well as provide a couple examples of how leadership has shifted to meet today’s challenges.  Today, you’ll hear her discuss the “Grace as a Leader” and using Open-ended and closed-ended questions with your staff. 

I’ve invited Jessica to the ManagerMirror because she’s directly responsible for supervision of hands-on frontline medical teams and I’m excited to share her leadership journey for timely and fresh perspective.   Jessica started as a Patient Care Technician over 20 years ago in the Northwestern University Medical system in Chicago.  She put herself through nursing school while working full-time and became an RN eventually working in critical care where she was able to lead strategic growth in adding key patient offerings through her tenure.  Jessica continued her career growth taking on leadership as a Charge Nurse in 2007, becoming a Clinical Shift Coordinator in 2011, and she completed her MBA/MSN in 2017.  Today, she’s the Nursing Manager at Maranjoy Hospital supervising all daily operations of a 26 bed Acute Care Stroke Rehabilitation unit. She’s here to share her story and provide some perspective on leading professionals through these unprecedented times. Follow her on LinkedIn for more content and to hear her ongoing perspective as our healthcare industry fights through historical challenges.  

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