Marketing Leader Colin Puckett has managed both sales and marketing teams in the industrial, e-commerce and tech industries.  His leadership style is founded on an intentional balance of relationship development and data-driven decision making.  He’s agreed to share some stories from his own people management journey as well as provide a couple key techniques he uses with his own staff.  Today, you’ll hear him discuss the importance of clear, goal-driven decision-making frameworks, and the value of objectivity in feedback.  He also shares his take on self-awareness!

I’ve invited Colin to the ManagerMirror because he’s built  and led teams to successful results delivery in different industries AND within both start-up and well-developed organizational cultures.  Colin started his career as Sales producer and his performance gave him a voice.  He quickly got involved in marketing and sales operations and process development, finding his first opportunity to build and lead teams in the power generation industry. Colin joined Amazon as an original member of the Amazon Business launch team where he led hands-on projects in demand generation; event and field marketing; and brand architecture, all while building out a robust Marketing staff over 5 incredibly fast-growing years.  Today, Colin is the Head of Events and Field Engagement with Qualtrics, where he’s using his background in organizational behavior and change initiatives to engage employees and build a team that is customer obsessed about your business being customer obsessed! Find Colin on LinkedIn and follow him for more of his insights on leadership, marketing and beyond.

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