Today I’m introducing you to StrengthsFinder expert Lisa Cummings! Lisa’s career includes several stints managing people before starting a professional development training company.  A recognized expert in L&D and past Harvard Business Publishing facilitator, she’s agreed to share some stories from her corporate leadership journey as well as provide some key techniques she’s identified working with top companies throughout her consulting experience.  You’ll hear her talk about investing time and resources in your own leadership development & she’ll discuss the difference between personal preferences and business priorities.

I’ve invited Lisa to the ManagerMirror because her career includes hands-on experience directly managing teams in a corporate setting –  and currently working with over a dozen Fortune 500 clients through her firm Lead Through Strengths. A noted expert in the Clifton StrengthsFinder concepts, Lisa has led training throughout corporate America (and all over the world). Her whole focus is capitalizing on employee strengths to drive results.  Lisa has been a manager of managers on large teams, as well as front line leadership. Her experiences at Dell, Janus Henderson Investments, and Harvard gave her large corporate experience – then MidMarket exposure with Insperity.  You can find her resources, advice, and her own podcast links on her website: 

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