I’m joined today by Forethought President, Dan Watkins. Dan has taught himself to make an impact as an early employee in the start-up world and developed his people management expertise through building teams, delivering financial results and driving company growth well-beyond start-up phase.  Sought-out for his strategic vision today, Dan brings genuine passion for coaching, developing, and leading people. You’ll hear him talk about defining hard work and he’ll share his equation for engagement.

I’ve invited Dan to the ManagerMirror because of his unique perspective on the topic of people management.  Dan was employee #15 at Qualtrics when he joined the start-up firm to help grow their sales.  Dan landed some key enterprise level accounts early on and, like many of us, was asked to build and lead teams as the company grew rapidly.  Over his 13 years with Qualtrics, Dan’s span of influence grew larger and he eventually became the VP of Sales.  Throughout is ascent, Dan built a reputation for leading others through data.  He’s successfully implemented metrics and mechanisms designed to drive growth through visibility and his teams delivered in a big way!  Today, Dan is the President at Forethought where he’s driving the strategy and building the teams to enable everyone to be a genius at their job. Follow Dan on LinkedIn and you’ll see his ongoing coaching and advice for your own leadership journey!

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