I’m honored to introduce you to a Certified Customer-Centric Selling coach who has built highly effective marketing teams that directly and consistently drive increased company valuation throughout his career. Marc is a B2B Technology Marketing executive whose staff alumni praise his application of “active mentorship” and repeated performance delivery using his team’s strengths  He’s sharing some stories from his own people management journey and discussing some techniques he holds in high regard each time he builds a team.  You’ll hear him talk about handling skip-level interactions with your staff and share some of his team dynamics tips!

I’ve invited Marc to the ManagerMirror because his past employees and supervisors laud his consistency at hiring, developing and maximizing top performance out of a team in corporate and start-up environments.  Marc started his career writing in the advertising industry before being asked to step in and directly manage others.  Marc served in manager and director level roles with organizations Infor and Workscape/ADP for 5 years before stepping in as the Vice President of Global Marketing for Workforce Software in 2010.  As VP, Marc again grew from being a team builder into strategic / executive leadership role.  After almost 6 years with Workforce Software, Marc transitioned his broad experience into leading 3 different start-up enterprises successfully selling at the end of each cycle. 

Today, Marc is the CEO and Founder of KickMotor, LLC where he scales his experience and expertise to other businesses looking to launch, grow, restructure or sell –  and he shares positive leadership content through LinkedIn and Twitter. Follow him today to stay current with his story and continue to learn from his content!  

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