User Experience expert Sandy Lipscomb has built and led teams behind many of the brands you interact with on a daily basis. A previous director in the advertising and marketing agency world, she’s now a group manager with one of the largest and most revered companies in the world. She’s agreed to share some stories from her own people management journey and techniques she’s used in delivering award-winning results through expert team direction. You’ll hear her talk about managing different disciplines and she’ll share how she uses “calm” as a tool in her work.

I’ve invited Sandy to the ManagerMirror because she’s highly respected for driving world-class customer experience by amplifying the work of her highly-curated teams.  Sandy worked with top brands as an individual team member at Organic before being promoted into team leadership over several of the firm’s enterprise level clients including Hilton, Chrysler, Kimberly Clark, and Volkswagen. She served 8 years as the Director of UX for Organic before stepping in as the Director of User & Content Strategy with GTB where her scope of leadership on the Ford account grew over 4 years.  Sandy’s teams worked to bring the automotive industry clients a fresh connection with customers in the online and mobile app space. Today, you’ll find Sandy working on in-vehicle displays managing a team of UX strategists, Tech Strategists, and Product Designers as Design Group Manager with General Motors. She walks us through how she empowers the strengths within her staff, evaluates talent and approaches her strategic decision making. Follow Sandy on LinkedIn to see what her staff alumni write about her leadership style and stay current with her content.

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