I’m proud to introduce you to Senior leader who has guided teams through change with three different Fortune 1000 firms.  Today, she’ll offer up stories from her own people management journey as well as provide a couple key techniques she uses with her own teams.  You’ll hear her discuss Storytelling as a Manager and offer up some tips on incorporating Purpose into your 1:1 meetings.   

I’ve invited Jenny to the ManagerMirror because her journey to corporate leadership followed a similar path to many of us.  Jenny started in an individual contributor role at the entry-level before being identified as someone who could lead others.  Her performance and results delivery prompted her leadership to invite Jenny to start a team.  She continued to deliver through the performance of others! Over the last 10+ years, Jenny has held people management roles with increasing scope and responsibility at Waste Management, Randstad, and ADP.  Her experiences leading teams continued to grow in size and scope and she’s been tapped to shift her focus into strategic guidance for employment branding, internal communications and ultimately change management.  Today, she’s the Vice President of Transformation Communications for ADP and we’re lucky she’s here with us to share some of her journey.  Follow Jenny’s linkedIn page and Twitter account for ongoing content and more great leadership tips!

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