My guest for the ManagerMirror Season 3 premier is automotive industry marketing leader Kerri Wise! Employees have labeled Kerri as highly approachable, analytical and emotionally intelligent.   She’s built high performance teams and ascended into strategic leadership while continuing to invest in non-profit passion projects throughout her career, and she’s agreed to share some stories from her own people management journey.   In our recording, you’ll hear her discuss authenticity and vulnerability in management and she’ll share her keys to leading through change.

I’ve invited Kerri to the ManagerMirror because past employees, colleagues and supervisors rave about her ability to deliver results while prioritizing staff development.  Kerri spent 12 years with JD Power & Associates where she first started leading people working her way from research manager to Director of Automotive Research and Insights.  In 2011, she joined where she built the go-to-market strategy for new product rollouts and ultimately led a team of 20+ delivering dealer training.  Today, she’s the Vice President of Corporate Marketing at TrueCar and she’s founder and president the Women of Color Automotive Network. Kerri has invited you to follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can visit her corporate website as a consumer at and if you are a dealer, visit

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