Amazon Senior Manager Ernest Arambula is my personal friend and a trusted mentor. He’s noted for culture improvement and employee engagement lift in his people management roles.  A US Military veteran turned Sales leader, my Ernest’s superpowers include developing EQ within his staff and implementing intentional change mechanisms designed to improve DEI all while delivering top financial performances.  In this discussion, you’ll hear Ernest share 2 specific techniques to build culture,  and he’ll share how he’s earned trust through his ownership of diversity and inclusion.

I’ve invited Ernest to the ManagerMirror because I’ve personally observed him build, develop, and promote his staff. He’s been a professional mentor to me at Amazon and his employees rave about their experience working on his teams.  Ernest shifted into sales and sales leadership after spending 4 years in the United States Air Force.  He spent 2 years in sales production in the financial services industry before being asked to build his first sales team in the retail / eCommerce startup world.  From 2007 to 2013, Ernest built teams as Sales Manager with mPoria, Mercent, and BrandVerity.  He wrote sales SOP, hired staff, developed budget/forecast and delivered results that were measured in exponents versus percent.  In 2013, Ernest joined Amazon in a sales role and was quickly promoted into people management as his leadership experience manifested in peer development and early inclusion in scalable lift projects.  Since joining Amazon, Ernest has been tapped to create and lead teams in 3 different organizations and he’s developed a robust pool of alumni delivering top performance within a variety of other teams and business units.  If you ask his staff, they’ll tell you his passion for performance development is matched only by his passion for inclusion.  Ernest has pioneered several broad-impact cultural change initiatives that I’ve benefited from personally along with numbers of other teams inside Amazon. Follow Ernest on LinkedIn for more content on culture development, team building and usable techniques to drive inclusion!