I’m excited to welcome returning guest Bob Blount to share learnings from a whole new leadership use case – STRATEGY.  You’ll hear him speak about leading hyper-growth and engaging employees in the process!  This highly-decorated people manager has managed teams in the healthcare-finance and tech industries and last time he joined me, he taught us detailed and hands-on management techniques like the “reverse 1:1”.

In 2020, I invited Bob to the ManagerMirror because he’s led teams to repeated successful results delivery inside several top tech firms and he’s held strategic leadership responsibility as a founder, owner, board member, and corporate growth strategist.  Bob offered unique perspective on managing professionals from his time in Executive Roles with Dell, Ogilvy, Salesforce, and LeadMD.  Bob has held board positions with several firms and served as a Sr. Advisor with Sales Benchmark Index – a management consulting firm dedicated to assisting CEOs drive growth.  In October, Bob joined PayrHealth as Chief Growth Officer where he’s driven immediate hyper-growth tripling company size in his first deal!  Bob’s here today to share his learnings, and discuss the impact of this kind of hyper-growth on the staff, the company’s long-term trajectory and the stakeholders.  This discussion includes his perspective on including employees in strategic change initiatives and Bob talks about how to manage time and expectations through the hyper growth process. Follow Bob on LinkedIn to stay current with his strategic guidance!