I’d like to introduce you to a founder/advisor who has built her career as an HR visionary, speaker, and writer.  Dawn managed her first HR team 20 years ago and has grown into leadership at the strategic level as well as leading non-profit and volunteer teams!  She’s agreed to share some stories from her people management journey and discuss some techniques she’s used managing HR teams in both large companies and start-up cultures.  You’ll hear her talk about the importance of setting boundaries and she offers her technique for providing direct feedback to an employee.

I’ve invited Dawn to the ManagerMirror because she has left a legacy of past employees that have risen to their own ranks in leadership on the heels of Dawn’s teaching.  Dawn first led teams as a Human Resource Manager with MailSouth Corporation from 2001 to 2010.  As her responsibilities grew, so did her leadership experience.  In 2010, She stepped into the Vice President of People role with Daxko Corp where she spent the next 7 years building teams, implementing hiring processes, and applying her strategy to deliver results through a top-performing HR department.  Dawn’s impact in the HR community grew as she published content, spoke at industry events, and gained recognition for her top-tier HR organization.  In 2017, she founded Dawn Burke HR where she works today consulting America’s top corporations on how to build recruiting teams and deliver process and tools improvement. 

Dawn hosts her own podcast, The Workplace Headcase and you can find her thought-provoking content on LinkedIn and Twitter.