Meet a Human Resources Executive who has been widely praised for his ability to balance both strategic initiatives and large-scale employee development.  Jeff has repeatedly identified future leadership talent within his organizations and he’s built teams that deliver results for successive leaders.  He’s agreed to share some stories from his own people management journey as well as provide a couple key techniques he uses with teams.  Today, you’ll hear him discuss the importance of business relationships and listening before planning.

I’ve invited Jeff to the ManagerMirror because alumni of his teams have repeatedly written praise for his abilities in a range of HR and global business impacts over his career. A graduate of the University of Michigan where he was a 3-year starter on their storied football team, Jeff earned a position on the NFL Seattle Seahawks before beginning his corporate career. Over the last 3 decades, Jeff has ascended to VP and CHRO Level roles with top US organizations including: Pepsi, Sam’s Club, Scott Paper company and Allianz of North America.  His career has included building entire HR departments from the ground up and being brought in to lead through change.  Past colleagues, employees and peers commend Jeff for his consistency in prioritizing relationships and being willing to address difficult topics head on in both organizational messaging and one-on-one interactions.  He is a celebrated Author, public speaker and true champion of driving integrated strategic business partnership across multi-unit, multi-industry and multi-site environments.

Today, Jeff consults with fortune-sized clients from his home in Columbus, Ohio and he’s joined me to share his journey and if we are lucky a few learnings we can apply.  I highly encourage you to follow Jeff on LinkedIn and Twitter and grab a copy of his book, The Art of Branding Yourself: How to Advance Your Career Quickly to continue to learn from his perspective and content!