In this episode, I’m honored to introduce you to corporate training expert Matt Boschi. Matt has built teams, designed structure, outlined hiring criteria, defined workflow and implemented it all for several of the country’s most influential national players in the mortgage industry. Alumni of his teams have praised him for applying his military background and high EQ to deep dive details and prioritize relationships throughout his career.  He’s agreed to share some stories from his own people management journey as well as provide a couple key techniques he uses with his own teams. You’ll hear him talk about Creating & implementing a Learning Culture and intentionally training managers.

I’ve invited Matt to the ManagerMirror because he’s an award-winning training leader who specializes in developing team members, instructional designers, trainers, and business leaders. He’s an expert in creating skill-based training and organizational development platforms. Over the last 25 years, Matt and his teams have spearheaded development and implementation of company-wide training for three of the “Top 100” training organizations in the world (as ranked by Training Magazine). For the last 10 of those years, Matt has directed all the training initiatives for the country’s second largest mortgage company and number one wholesale mortgage lender – United Wholesale Mortgage. Matt’s 7 Training Teams at UWM have secured 4 consecutive Top 10 rankings on the prestigious Top “100 Training Organizations” list from Training Magazine. This year, his company and teams were recognized as #1 in the World and will be inducted into the Training Magazine Hall of Fame in 2022.

Matt’s 25 years of hands on experience in the “people development” business started as a Weapons Sergeant in the US Army in the 1990’s where he learned the importance of discipline, repetition-based training, preparation, planning and execution. He expanded that into corporate training roles with Alcoa and Jiffy Lube International (Shell Oil), where he served as Regional Training Manager until 2004. Matt left the Oil Industry for fintech joining Quicken Loans. During his five years as Training Director at Quicken Loans he shifted into strategic planning for the national footprint developing other professionals in the Learning & Development discipline.  A key theme throughout Matt’s career has been winning performance awards both as an individual contributor and as a team builder; being a world class training strategist, and a published author on the subject of training. Today, Matt is the Vice President of Training for recent IPO United Wholesale Mortgage and he joins me to share some of his story and hopefully some techniques we can apply with our own teams. Follow Matt on LinkedIn to get the latest content on training and leadership trends.