Becky Bui is a Senior Sales Leader who has directly impacted my own career.  She’s delivered top-tier financial results by building sales teams and developing other top performers – earning the respect of executives, colleagues and staff along the way.  I have personally witnessed her earning trust and coaching through performance and promotion. She’s here today to share some stories from her own people management journey and walk us through a couple key techniques she uses with her own staff.   You’ll hear her discuss the importance of expanding your influence among company leadership and the impact that has on developing Your team. She’ll also share a mechanism to ensure you don’t slip into micro-managing.

I’ve invited Becky to the ManagerMirror because she’s been a key player managing large groups of people through significant strategic shifts.  Becky’s career started in ad agencies and the tech industry, including founding a startup while finishing her MBA at University of Texas.  She went on to spend 6 years managing teams at Facebook eventually becoming the Head of Mobile Gaming, EMEA within the Global Marketing Solutions group.  In 2018, Becky joined Amazon as head of SMB Commercial Sales and grew into Head of Sales for Amazon Business’ incubation/verticals org – where I had the opportunity to collaborate with her on some projects and see her impact through tight planning, mechanisms, accountability and grace. Earlier this year, Becky returned to her roots by accepting a role as Senior Director for North American Small Business Sales at Meta and she’s joining us to share her story and hopefully a few techniques aspiring people managers can put into practice.  Connect with Becky on LinkedIn to stay current with her guidance and content.