My S2E15 Guest is an award-winning marketer who has built teams with a broad array of national and local brands.  Praised by past colleagues and former staff as being an inspirational leader whose strategic vision is clear and concise, she’s agreed to share some stories from her own people management journey as well as provide a couple key techniques she’s identified working with recognized global corporations and start-up founders.  You’ll hear her talk about expectation setting and she’ll discuss some of the differences in leading non-profit versus the corporate world!

I’ve invited Tracy to the ManagerMirror because her leadership extends beyond building corporate teams.  Tracy’s leadership includes experiences managing production teams, strategizing in the boardroom and founding a non-profit.  She started her career in operations and marketing at TiVo in 2000 where she spent almost 10  years working to support TiVo becoming a household brand.  Since then she’s spent a number of years at Cisco, CA Technologies, and SparkPost. Along the way, Tracy founded a non-profit for lung cancer, wrote a book on social media, and has continued her own education achieving several LinkedIn certifications to accompany her Scuba Diving certification! Today, Tracy is the VP of Marketing at Fountain in San Francisco, a talent acquisition platform built for high-volume hiring and she’s been kind enough to join me and share some of her story and tips for other people managers based on her experiences.  Follow her on LinkedIn for more content on her journey in leadership!

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