Eric is a social media expert who has hired, trained and lead top-performing sales and marketing teams within the food services industry over a 20+ year career.  Having won performance awards for his individual sales contribution AND for his teams results delivery, he’s earned a reputation for his consistent ability to deliver best-in-class results through his teams.  He’s agreed to share some stories from his own people management journey and discuss some techniques he’s used leading his people through stressful and competitive situations.  You’ll hear him bring a fresh definition of what it means to be “authentic” as a leader and he’ll discuss social media in sales leadership!

I’ve invited Eric to the ManagerMirror because he grabbed my attention through his consistent posts about leadership in his social media. Eric shares content supporting engaged leadership and his career backs up his posts as past team members lay praise on Eric’s ability to motivate and guide award-winning teams.  Eric began as an area sales manager with VISTAR where he first learned how to balance personal production with developing a team.  His results led him to spend 10 years as a district sales manager with Performance Food Group before moving to his current role as Vice President of Sales & Marketing with Perfect Crust Pizza Liners /  Eric’s teams and past employees have won performance awards at each level and grown into corporate leadership, start-up creation, and strategic roles throughout the industry. You can find Eric hosting an Instagram LIVE video daily and he posts engaging content that will challenge and educate you through is LinkedIn page.

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