I’m joined today by a leadership development expert Dave Heisey! Dave teaches Owners, CEOs and Presidents the skills needed to lift their organizations through engaged people management.  Not just a consultant, my guest started his career leading teams in manufacturing and engineering and he puts his ex-VP experience to work helping current business leaders improve their management skills in practice.  You’ll hear him talk about his learnings from consulting the c-suite and he’ll share the most effective technique he’s seen to improve the dreaded review process!

I’ve invited Dave to the ManagerMirror because his background includes both hands-on practical corporate leadership roles and executive consulting / leadership development coaching.  A graduate of Michigan State University, Dave’s career included a variety of roles in the manufacturing/engineering industry culminating in his ascent to the Vice President of Engineering and Machinery Manufacturing role over 8 years with Dart Container right here in Michigan.  Dave discovered a personal passion in the practice and growth of skills needed to become a strong people manager and he transitioned his career to focus on developing colleagues and investing in the success of his executive level clients.  In 2016, Dave joined Crestcom International where he delivers a comprehensive 12-month leadership development program designed to hone your abilities in 10 key leadership competencies. The Crestcom method has won awards internationally and I’ve personally seen it in action as a 2009 “Bulletproof Manager” graduate myself.  I’m excited to have Dave share from both is corporate and consulting experiences and I invite you to follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter and check out his website to learn more about his philosophy!