I’m honored to host Sales Leadership development expert Lauren Bailey! Her experience building sales departments and implementing winning SOP has served as the foundation of her highly-requested consulting work with top US organizations.  She’s been credited with techniques that have advanced the inside sales industry as a whole and she’s here with me today to share her story.  She’ll discuss managing a remote team and share a key technique for call coaching!

I’ve invited Lauren to the ManagerMirror because she delivered results as a people manager working for top US organizations and translated her techniques into a successful consulting career working to develop both sales teams and their leaders.  Lauren spent 2 years at Insight as a Sales Manager before moving to iTec where she spent 6 years in Training and Sales Director roles.  She then served 2 years as the Global Director of Training for SAP before shifting into her own practice training sales teams.  Lauren has made the calls, done the demos, managed the teams and forecasted the deals.  Today, she’s the president of Factor 8, an award-winning sales and manager training company and she’s the founder of GIRLS CLUB developing future female corporate leaders.  Lauren brings hands-on experience into every organization she coaches and she joins us today to share her story and hopefully a few tips to improve our management approach! Follow her on LinkedIn to continue to learn from her content!