I’m honored to be joined by Retail Industry C-Suite veteran Stephanie Cocumelli in this episode of The ManagerMirror!  Stephanie brings 3 decades of experience building, leading and growing teams with some of America’s top retail brands and she’s lauded for her ‘servant leadership’ approach in driving consistent and proven financial results.  She shares a few stories from her own people management journey as well as describing a couple key techniques she uses in her own work with teams.  In this episode, you’ll hear her discuss the importance of including internal stakeholders in proposing change and her approach to employee expectations.

I’ve invited Stephanie to the ManagerMirror because she’s built and led customer-facing sales teams to successful results delivery with some large well-known corporations and her alumni praise her standards of excellence and customer-first approach.  Stephanie first led teams at Ann Taylor, before building out regional strategies with Barnes and Noble and Williams Sonoma.  In 2000, Stephanie became a general manager with Nike leading marketing, merchandising, and store operations.  She then went on to hold executive operational roles with Lands End, ASICS and TOMS before moving into consulting where she now teaches other retail operational professionals how to build high-performance teams through engaged leadership.  Today, Stephanie is the Principal at Taproot Ventures in Dana Point, California and she’s joined us to share some of the wisdom she’s learned from her time building teams with these top brands.  Follow her on LinkedIn for all of her engaged leadership content!