How do you select ManagerMirror guests?

Just like the host, every ManagerMirror guest is a people manager. We do not limit our guests by size of staff or years of management experience as we hope to provide a variety of perspectives on the show. Our episodes include conversations with new managers and 20+ year executives. We’ve been fortunate to have had professionals from some of America’s top-rated employers and many start-up organization. Our guest list includes diverse experience including published authors, Ph.D. holders, recently promoted first-time managers and a wide variety of industries. I’ve interviewed professionals from technology, staffing, automotive, marketing, financial services, healthcare, and public sector leadership roles. Bring your story with wins and losses leading people in a professional environment and share some techniques you hold dear.

How can I nominate someone to be guest on ManagerMirror?

Email me directly at, contact me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Let me know the nominee’s name and best way to contact. Share some examples of your experiences with them.

What’s the best way to connect with a Guest?

I post contact information in each bio under the “My Guests” tab – including LinkedIn, twitter, associated websites and other links that ManagerMirror guests reference in their content. Look for these to be updated when each episode is released and updates regarding contact info shared in social media.