I’m excited to introduce you to one of my personal mentors today!  David Bell brings his 25 years of professional services management experience in the staffing and recruitment agency industry into the ManagerMirror! He has a PROVEN track record of success developing and growing teams organically.  He’s personally delivered top performance (#1 producer in the company) and he’s coached other individuals and teams to deliver top performance results on a consistent basis.  It’s likely he hasn’t missed a president’s club trip in all of those 25 years, and he’s sent dozens of reps as well (including ME – as a manager in his region).  David joins us to share stories from his leadership journey and walk us through a couple key techniques he uses in developing award-winning teams.   In the episode, you’ll hear him discuss how he applies humility as a manager and the importance of individual relationships with your staff.  He also walks us through his five elements of successful 1:1 discussions.  Please welcome my guest – David Bell!

I’ve invited David to the ManagerMirror because he’s been highly influential in my own career and I am excited to share some of his story, his strengths, and his tips with this audience!  David started his career in sales production in financial services over 5 years with Wells Fargo before he transitioned into the recruiting and staffing agency world in 1996.  In David’s first week, he walked into an office where the only other employee quit… and suddenly,… he was responsible for his own performance and the performance of the whole office.  He became branch manager with Spherion’s “Mergis Group” and spent 15 years growing into Regional Vice President where I’m honored to say he hired ME to run one of his offices before Spherion was purchased by RandstadUSA in 2012.  During the acquisition, David was instrumental in restructuring field office network, implementing software and writing strategy for the new Randstad Professionals business unit.  He is know for his ability to challenge people for top performance through a respectful and empowered approach. Today, David is the National Director for the Legal and IT placement practices with Randstad Technologies and he’s joining us to share his unique experience leading professional services teams and hopefully a few techniques aspiring people managers can put into practice. Follow David on LinkedIn to stay current with his engaged leadership content!