A proven professional in the field of teaching managers! Fortune 500 companies pay her to teach their people managers.

I’ve invited Amanda to the Manager Mirror because she brings experience in managing people and teams herself as well as teaching people management principles to some of the largest and most-respected companies in the US.  Throughout her career, Amanda has been tasked with Organizational Change Management, Corporate Transformation, and Executive Leadership Development. She’s been recruited by Robert Half International, AAA, Kaiser Permanente (twice), and Amazon.com.

Amanda’s been granted unique exposure to top companies in America, and some of the most respected leadership professionals.  She’s been able to learn, implement, and teach their techniques as she continues to be sought out for executive coaching and strategic change management consulting.

Calling in from Green River, Wyoming, Amanda taught us about the “User Guide” as a people management technique.  If you’d like to connect with Amanda and learn more about this and other topics she covered in the podcast, you can reach her on  LinkedIn or on Twitter.