Erica built her 15+ year career by delivering results in cross-team collaboration throughout the publishing/communications industry. She’s successfully managed teams that delivered a delicate balance of both custom projects and a consistent sales cadence. She’s adapted her style to deliver these results by developing expertise in organization, planning and profitability, and most importantly collaboration. Erica uses consistent and direct communication to build trust. That trust positions her to be effective at making tough decisions, deliver the message and continue to gain buy-in from her staff, leadership and customers.   In our interview, Erica offers a couple key techniques she uses to drive accountability among her teams. 

I’ve invited Erica to the ManagerMirror because her background includes a variety of disciplines and she’s won leading teams in each!  Erica first took on people-management running projects during her time with Labov Marketing where she quickly realized that in order for her project teams to accomplish their goals, she’d have to collaborate with a creative team, finance team, sales team, vendors, and technical team.  Her teams delivered! Erica’s successful orchestration of results through relationships with these stakeholders led her to Crain Communications where she spent the next 5 years as the commercial operations director. At Crain, Erica pioneered the implementation of three key SOP changes while managing a sales team and custom projects.  Today, you’ll find her on LinkedIn as the Director of operations for Edge Media group right here in Southeast Michigan!