Jon Freeman started his career like many of us, working as an individual contributor in a sales role. His early performance was recognized and resulted in being asked to step into people management. Over his 20+ year career, Jon has delivered results leading sales teams in dozens of markets. He has led large and small specialized teams both centrally located & geographically dispersed worldwide. He’s stepped in to clean up and turnaround underperforming teams for several US Tech leaders. In our interview, Jon shares stories from his people management journey along with a couple key techniques he implements  with his staff.  You’ll hear him talk about communicating for enhancing motivation and share his thoughts on transparency principles for building trust.

Jon’s repeated success at both the “hands-on” level and the more strategic decision-making level of people-management includes coaching sales professionals 1:1, hiring and developing teams, and successfully implementing sweeping change in how organizations drive sales. His career has led him to opportunities to participate hands-on in mergers and acquisitions on repeated occasions.  Jon has delivered quantitative revenue and pipeline analysis, launched new solutions, and redesigned sales structure for his firms.  He spent 5 years with Novell and 6 years with Intel before moving into several M&A short-term executive roles.  For the last year, Jon has been serving as Chief Revenue Officer for Select Funding where he and his team work to provide working capital and financing for business owners.  He also consults business leaders through his firm   Follow Jon on LinkedIn and Twitter to continue to learn from his daily tweets and content surrounding people management, sales, and leadership!