In this episode, I’m joined by a professional coach, author and speaker who has managed multiple teams before moving into consulting and executive coaching.  A  peole manager within the big 4 accounting, US Government and several top software/consulting firms, she’ll bring perspective from her own people management journey and offer a couple key techniques she’s developed working with top executives in her consulting experience.  Listen as she walks you through three specific steps to gain exposure and elevate a subordinate. In addition, Kanika offers her thoughts on personal brand.  

I’ve invited Kanika to the ManagerMirror because throughout her career, she’s applied technical expertise and project management skills to deliver results and build collaboration through people management at some well-respected organizations.  A graduate of Maryland and Georgetown, Kanika started her career developing software for the US Department of Labor.  She ascended into project management and leadership roles for 5 years there before moving to Deloitte where she led engagements with the US Navy.  Kanika became a certified ScrumMaster and continued to grow her career through working at 3 different government contractors.  Today, she’s a Senior Project Manager for the US Department of Treasury and she’s the CEO and founder of Career Rehab, LLC in Washington, DC, where she helps clients transform their careers with coaching programs, events, webinars, and digital resources. Kanika has been featured on CNN, CNBC, CBS Radio, Yahoo!, Black Enterprise,,, The Washington Post, and a variety of other media! Her book: “Career Rehab: Rebuild your personal brand and rethink the way you work” was released January 21st. Kanika offers coaching and content centered around leadership, personal branding, and continuous improvement on her LinkedIn and Twitter sites. Take a second to follow both! You can find out more about her book, her consulting firm and her own journey on her website, .