My guest today is a Senior Technology Executive with over 20 years experience creating strategic vision and aligning IT solutions with business needs.  He’s built team-based cultures of participation and accountability for two of this country’s largest and most-respected tech firms. He’s agreed to share some stories from his own people management journey as well as provide a couple key techniques he uses with his own teams.  You’ll hear tips on driving stronger team meetings and hear how this executive approaches his first 1:1 meetings with new staff. 

I invited David to the ManagerMirror because his journey mixed technical performance with repeated examples of coaching and developing others. David had held a number of people management roles with increasing scope for at top tech firms.  Starting with his 15+ years participating in the initial formulation of IBM Global Services, through his time with Dell, Flexera Software and Snow  Software.   Developing and Launching Software Products, David has had to solve complex, highly visible business problems by creating and implementing innovative programs that fuel competitive advantage. He’s viewed these challenges as a leadership opportunity to leverage people, process and technology. David has a proud legacy of delivering results while fostering an environment employees can be proud of.  He maintains relationships with former employees who seek him out for career advice, and today, he’s offered to share his journey with us. David maintains an active Twitter account sharing management tips and Texas Longhorn sports spirit. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn for further networking.