I’m excited to introduce you to a Sales Leader who has delivered results through building sales teams in the consumer goods and tech industries.  She’s earned 7 promotions for her work building teams with Fortune 500 firms throughout her career and today, she’s agreed to share some stories from her own people management journey as well as provide a couple key techniques she uses with her own staff.  Today, you’ll hear her discuss what she’s learned about Keeping the “WHY” alive across a broad audience and she’ll share tips on reflecting and respecting the different styles within your staff.   

I’ve invited Betsy to the ManagerMirror because she’s been a key player managing large groups of people through significant industry shifts.  Like many of us, Betsy’s career started in an individual sales producer role and her performance and contribution earned her an opportunity to lead other producers.  Over 8 years with Altria, she took on increasing headcount and personally hired, trained, and developed sales producers that would grow to drive a $4 Billion-dollar category delivery.  Betsy joined Amazon (where I met her) as a Sr. Enterprise Sales Manager where she built teams to tackle new and emerging trends in the B2B sales space.  Early on, she developed training for over 200 reps and was promoted 4 more times over 6 years – ultimately serving as the Head of US Education Sales for Amazon Business.  Today, you’ll find Betsy designing the strategy to build a first-ever sales staff for OfferUp.com. Follow Betsy on LinkedIn for more content on leadership, coaching, team development and strategic decision-making.