Proven HR, Marketing, Communications and Employee Experience expert Nicole Townsend has repeatedly built top-performing teams throughout her services and retail industry career.  She has a long list of alumni who sing her praises for impacting their careers and her track record of financial performance delivery confirms her approach gets results.  She’s joining me to share stories from her own people management journey and a few key techniques she uses with her teams.   In our recording, you’ll hear her discuss the importance of providing written clarity for your employees, and she shares some techniques to assert limits among the team. In addition, we get to read Nicole’s “credo” – as a roadmap for defining management style!

I’ve invited Nicole to the ManagerMirror because her record of performance using her employee-centric approach is undeniable.  Nicole been promoted SEVEN TIMES because her leadership recognized she built performing teams AND developed staff.  This ultimate combination drove consistently increasing scope for Nicole.  She started out as a communication specialist at Raley’s and was quickly tapped to lead her first team in 2003.  She was promoted and eventually became Sr. Manager of Corporate Communications before leaving to join Sutter Health in 2010.  Nicole spent 3 years at Sutter Health leading physician communications and was recruited back to Raley’s as a Director of Marketing Communications.  In her second stint at Raley’s, she held roles as Sr. Director of Talent Development, Vice President of Talent Development & Communications, AND Vice President of Team Member Experience &Connection where she led internal communications, change management, learning solutions training, and leadership development initiatives.  Nicole has always believed that delivering performance results starts with valuing employees and curating a strengths-based culture of empowerment.  Today, she’s the founder and President of professional services firm: Experience Counts – where she provides comprehensive review of existing employee experience and develops culture-related corporate strategies in areas like employer brand, communication and leadership development.  Connect with Nicole on LinkedIn to stay current with her caring leadership content and find her credo below.