Megan Bowen is a highly-respected Tech industry COO who started her career as a sales rep and worked her way through learning roles in project management, customer service, and operations while taking on increasing responsibility in leading people in some high-exposure cultures.  Her staff alumni praise her ability to build solid relationships beyond her team and her track record of helping others grow through their potential. She’s joined me to share some stories from her own people management journey and walk us through a couple key techniques she uses with her own staff.   In S4E6, you’ll hear Nicole discuss some of her “hard learnings” regarding interviewing & hiring, and she talked about how she uses journaling as a mechanism to force self-reflection and learning retention.

I’ve invited Megan to the ManagerMirror because I was drawn to the consistent praise written about her impact as a manager, leader, and coach.  She’s demonstrated repeated results in developing the careers of her staff and she’s done so while consistently learning and growing in her own career path.  Megan started out as an individual contributor mastering roles in sales, project management, research and account development with marketing and non-profit firms before earning increased scope of responsibility during five years spent with online learning firm eChalk.  She then stepped into people-leadership spending two years as Inside Sales Manager with ZocDoc.  Megan then served as Director of Corporate Accounts with GrubHub for almost 4 years before her shift to the C-Suite for workplace software firm Managed By Q.  Noted for her authenticity and ability to build shared purpose in her teams, Megan’s impact is confirmed by the litany of colleagues who’ve written about her – and she’s been recruited repeatedly to step into C-Level roles because of it.  Today, she’s the Chief Operating Officer at top demand-generation tech firm: Refine Labs. Follow Megan on LinkedIn to stay current with her leadership guidance content and get updates on her new podcast release!