Kristy Sharrow is a Marketing executive whose been praised for her ability to build strategy, develop goals, and influence those around her to deliver.  Her employee alumni have written about her impact in technical areas like content writing and creative messaging as well as overall career development and coaching.  This veteran voice in brand development joined me to share some stories from her own people management journey and walk us through a couple key techniques she uses with her own staff.   In the episode, you’ll hear Kristy discuss a technique for providing clarity in focus with her staff, and she’ll walk us through how she intentionally builds themes for her coaching sessions with employees.   

I’ve invited Kristy to the ManagerMirror because she’s consistently delivered performance results in increasing scope of roles throughout her career – leaving a trail of raving fans who have become leaders themselves.  Kristy’s early career started out when she converted her freelance writing gigs into journalism roles at both Time and People Magazines.  She moved into a marketing role with Detroit startup LevelEleven where she stepped into people-management as the Director of Marketing over a 4-year stint.  Alongside that role, Kristy also founded the Detroit HubSpot User Group and led that for three years, before taking a Director of Marketing role with Torrent Consulting in 2017. Kristy has hired roles in Marketing and Business Development, and she’s ascended into applying her experience to develop corporate strategy designed to align purpose, values, vision, and value proposition in the midst of high-growth.  Today you’ll find Kristy at Quikly where she’s been the VP of Marketing for the past three years and she’s joining us to share her story and hopefully a few techniques aspiring people managers can put into practice.  Follow Kristy on LinkedIn to continue to hear her guidance!