Rob Luther is a top performing B2B Sales Leader who’s been praised by past employees for his humility and leadership through educating.  He’s been a sales manager on a local, regional, and national level, and he’s consistently delivered results through developing top-performing teams.  Rob’s developed content for national new-hire sales training and he’s trained managers and directors on how to coach and develop their own teams.  He’s joining us today to share some of his people-management lessons and a few of his techniques.  You’ll hear him talk about why he measures exposure to failure among his managers, the importance of being the same person at work as you are at home, and he’ll share concept he calls “disturbing complacency”.   

I’ve invited Rob to the ManagerMirror because he’s been a student of managing people throughout his career and in his current role, he’s been uniquely positioned to speak to his experience managing individual contributors as well as other managers.  Rob’s career started as a sales rep in the print media industry at Gannett before he moved to HIBU in 2006.  He spent 6 years at HIBU ascending into Sales Training Manager role developing and teaching GTM SOPs.  Rob then held 3 different sales leadership roles at ThomasNET over 10 years. Rob’s influence spans a national footprint and he’s had to develop and tailor training for that footprint as the industry changed, the staff changed and the leadership around him changed.  All along, Rob has selected new hires and carried the responsibility of developing that cohort.  What makes his perspective unique is that he can see how an employee grows and develops in the same systems but with different leadership managing their path.  Rob has also had to practice people management techniques leading the Watch D.O.G.S. program in his local school district and coaching both baseball and football.  Today, Rob is the Director of Sales Development for Seamless.AI. Follow Rob on LinkedIn to stay current with his leadership development content!