My S5E3 guest, Komal Khatri, has developed her software engineering expertise into expanding people-leadership in the health care industry.  She’s a certified Patent Mentor and a consistent voice in advocating for increasing female leadership inclusion. Today, we’ll hear some stories on how she’s transitioned her technical expertise into developing people management skills.  She’ll outline an employee sponsorship definition, share some techniques, and offer her approach to conflict resolution, along with some examples of how she champions invention with her staff. 

I’ve invited Komal to the ManagerMirror because she has transformed her technical background into consistently expanding people-leadership scope throughout her career.  Komal started her career as a software engineer working for Advanced Web Solutions, Penchant Software and SM Engineering before she joined UnitedHealth Group in 2010 in her first leadership role.  Komal continued to develop her technical expertise earning certifications as a UHG Inventor and Patent Mentor while continuing to expand her leadership scope.  Along the way, Komal has raised her voice in support of advancing female inclusion among management and executive roles as she also earned the Women In Leadership designation, and recently won the Make IT Happen award.  Komal is constantly bringing attention to employee engagement, women business successes, and team building.  Today She works for Optum – a division of United Health Group – where she serves as Director of the Invention Program and she’s joining us to share her journey, and some tips on driving results through team development.  Follow Komal on LinkedIn to stay current with all her leadership her content!