Janssen Lemley is a proven a non-profit leader whose work delivers a very public impact across the US.  He’s dedicated his career to his passion and repeatedly built teams to expand that cause and deliver results while developing staff for career growth along the way.  Praised for leadership through change, and personal ownership, Janssen has earned expanding scope throughout his career as an executive.  Past supervisors and staff call out his dedication to service while balancing tough decisions, accountability, and staff development.  In the recording, Janssen shares some of his story and approach.  You’ll hear him discuss tough lessons he’s learned making staff decisions, and he walks us through how he prepares his employees to be brand ambassadors at any time.

I’ve invited Janssen to ManagerMirror because of the consistent praise written about his impact in business, staff development, and leading transformation within organizations.  A graduate of the University of Toledo, Janssen started his career with the Boy Scouts of America as a district program administrator in 2010 where he led fundraising (sales), staff training, hiring, and served as camp director before earning a promotion into people-leadership as the District Executive in 2011.  Janssen earned 2 more promotions before moving to a new council Michigan in 2016 where he continued his advancement eventually leading one of the largest camps in the US.  Janssen practices a “team-win” culture, embraces change, and connects to build strong relationships with stakeholders of all ages.  Today, he’s serving as Director of Development, and he’s here with us to share his insight, a few stories, and some tips we can put into our own people-management practices.  Follow Janssen on LinkedIn to stay current with his leadership content!