I’m so excited to introduce Rochester Christian University Business School Dean, Dr. Rebekah Pinchback to this audience because I believe she makes a unique impact in business as both a people-leader and educator.  She is an academic visionary who has applied creativity in each of her roles to deliver rapid growth and scale while honoring her personal values as an example for stakeholders and students in her program.  Past supervisors have praised her patience, results, and broad community impact, and she’s joining us today to share some of her story of managing staff and teaching next-generation business students.  In or discussion, you’ll hear her discuss “mission alignment” with her staff, and she’ll walk us through a few of the mechanisms she uses to ensure she’s driving employee development. 

I’ve invited Rebekah to join me on ManagerMirror because I had the blessing of getting to know her as I’ve worked with her classes at the University over the last year.  Rebekah started her professional career as the Registrar for Rochester College in 2008.  While working full-time, She continued her education at Central Michigan University where she completed her MBA in 2011.  Rebekah added teaching to her responsibilities and her scope grew as the college grew. In 2019, the college rebranded as Rochester Christian University, and in 2021, Rebekah was named Dean of the School of Business.  Over the last 3 years, Rebekah balances classroom time, strategic planning, and hands-on management of a team of professors and administrative staff.  Rebekah brings immense positive energy into her classroom and she teaches business concepts with a Christian ethical baseline. This past year, Rebekah completed a doctoral program while balancing raising 5 children and leading her ever-expanding teaching staff! Follow Rebekah on LinkedIn to stay current with what’s going on in her classroom, staff, and university!