Fetch Package Chief Operating Officer George Schultz is my S6E3 guest! George has built successful teams in some wildly different corporate cultures, and many of his past employees credit their career development directly to his approach and influence.  George credits his success to his ability to gain support and consensus across diverse stakeholder teams.  He’s done operations, fulfillment, L&D, recruiting, and strategic planning in a mix of leadership roles, and all have led to exceeding output goals.  He’s joining us today to share some people-leadership lessons he’s learned along the way.  You’ll hear him discuss his 50/50 balance between self-learning and relationship investment.  In our discussion, George offers up some mechanisms to ensure you are staying close to the production of your business, and he might make you repeat back what you’ve learned today!

I’ve invited George to join me on ManagerMirror because I was drawn to the breadth of his experiences as an individual contributor before he grew his people-leadership scope.  George started his career doing operations with FedEx and rotated into operations for a few years before he took on roles in Learning & Development and stepped into management running a field location.  Over 11 years with FedEx, George was promoted 4 times for his performance and – ultimately – for his teams performances.  In 2006, he took on a Regional Manager role with Central Transport leading sales, and service teams for five years before stepping into a Director of Operations role at Amazon leading a staff of over 70.  Over 8 years at Amazon, George rotated into leadership roles fulfillment, the Sort Center and ultimately a Regional Director role with Amazon Air freight. George believes his greatest impact lies in creating new processes, business expansion, and standardizing creative new methods for business evolution. He’ll tell you that he accomplishes this through team development, and he’s joining us to share some of his story and hopefully a few techniques aspiring people managers can put into practice.  Follow George on LinkedIn to stay current with all his leadership and industry expertise!