My S6E2 guest Logan Mallory is a branding guru whose translated hands-on marketing skills into developing teams, channels, and successful internal collaboration everywhere he’s influenced.  Past employees have praised my guest for his active listening, messaging candor, mentorship, and storytelling; all contributing to his proven history of delivering results across diverse teams. In his engaging LI “about me” section, my guest calls out that he prioritizes developing “dedicated, happy team members”, and he’s here with us today to share some people-leadership lessons he’s learned along the way.  In the episode, you’ll hear Logan discuss mechanisms for ensuring his team is evolving, and he’ll walk us through how he evaluates an opportunity for culture fit before accepting or declining a leadership role.  Please welcome my guest – Motivosity Vice President of Marketing – Logan Mallory!

I’ve invited Logan to the ManagerMirror because the praise written about his impact in other people’s careers is consistent, and he intentionally invests his time in people via his corporate work, volunteer work, and teaching.  A BYU grad, Logan started his career selling advertising and insurance before shifting into his first marketing role with the Deseret Book Company in 2011. Over 4 years, Logan moved into management and ownership of strategic impact before moving into a Senior Manager role with Workfront in 2015, and eventually accepting the Director of Digital Marketing role with Jive communications in 2017.  Jive was acquired by LogMeIn and Logan continued to craft org-wide strategy there until 2020.  Logan has served as an adjunct professor at BYU, a keynote speaker, and in board roles with non-profits outside of his corporate impact.  Past staff, colleagues and leaders describe Logan’s style as inclusive, positive, and empowering. Noted for his listening skills and ability to supportively-challenge his staff for growth, Logan’s “leadership tree” now includes alumni who have become directors and vice presidents themselves.  Today, Logan is the Vice President of Marketing for Motivosity and he was kind enough to take time to share some of his story and hopefully a few techniques aspiring people managers can put into practice.  Follow Logan on LinkedIn to stay current with his leadership content!