Corporate and start-up leadership veteran Rich Adams has built sales teams and sales enablement teams over his 17+ years of delivering results.  His unique experience leading sales positioned him to be ultra-effective building sales operations and driving the nuances behind effective SOP creation, accountability, and career development for his staff.  Rich has delivered in the high-tech worlds of both large enterprise organizations and start-up build scenarios. In our discussion, you’ll hear Rich discuss how he prepares questions – and a video – before employee conversations, and he walks us through techniques he’s used to prioritize employee development over numbers.  

I’ve invited Rich to ManagerMirror because he not only teaches about sales (and leadership), but he has experienced hands-on wins and losses in both… with a breadth of organizations. Rich spent time as a sales rep with Hewlett Packard, Webroot, and SolarWinds and his standout performance earned an invitation to people-leadership.  He then spent 3 and a half years training and leading teams at Zoom before he shifted into strategic planning as he stepped into start-up organizations.  Since 2021, Rich has written sales strategy, developed SOP, and standardized sales enablement for start-up RevShoppe. His work has become key to successful scaling  – and in some cases – selling companies.   Rich’s past employees praise his mix of hands-on delivery and high-energy innovation as consistent tools for his success. Today, you’ll find him consulting and developing sales teams through Rich Adams Sales Advisors. He’s joined me to share some stories, experiences and techniques we can learn.  Follow Rich on LinkedIn to stay current with his provocative and people-driven content.