Vonage Commercial Sales Manager Hannah Pencek has built career performance on partnerships, culture and coaching. She brings high-energy into all her stakeholder interactions, and she consistently advocates lifelong learning for herself and her staff.  Known for her approach to challenging through questions, and her disdain for micromanaging, past staff praise her for team development.  She’s joining me sharing her personal people-management story and some tips we can put into practice with our teams.  In our discussion, you’ll hear her talk about how she took control of her own learning & development to drive results. She also walks us through how she shares positive and corrective feedback with employees.  

I’ve invited Hannah to the ManagerMirror because she’s not only grown her people-leadership scope, but she’s demonstrated her own willingness to invest in skills training for herself and her team along the way.  Hannah started her career as an SDR with Vonage in 2014 where she practiced outbound prospecting and inbound lead qualification driving to convert new business for their sales team.  Hannah performed and was promoted into a Senior Account Executive role in the commercial sales area.  At the end of 2020, Hannah was asked to take on people-leadership as a team lead and she quickly got involved in call-shadowing, SOP pilot development and training.  Today, Hannah is the Manager of Commercial Sales for Vonage and she’s overseeing strategy and implementation across the sales org.  She’s also hosts the “Stuff About Sales” podcast with her colleague James Troianao where she shares tips and tactics. Visit her website: stuffaboutsales.com for tools and resources! Follow Hannah on LinkedIn to stay current with her leadership and sales-based content!