Nate is a top tech-industry leader whose 20+ year career includes hands-on team building, frontline production leadership, managing managers, and the design / implementation of scaled business strategy.  Praised by past staff for his ability to develop a high-performance culture, Nate has designed SOPs from training, to hiring, to GTM and global scaling.  He prioritizes a service mindset and has consistently earned internal and external stakeholder trust.  In our discussion, you’ll hear some of his story and a few techniques that he uses in his own work including how he engages “leaders first” in change-messaging, how he measures impact of enablement, and a little on storytelling with data. 

I’ve invited Nate to the ManagerMirror because of the incredible breadth of his exposure and experience from transactional to strategic people leadership.  Nate’s career began in sales with at Southwestern Advantage where he spent 18 years delivering results and increasing his leadership scope across multiple business units.  At Southwestern, Nate took on the development of sales training programs while eventually standardizing the hiring process for hundreds on his way to becoming the Senior Vice President.  In 2012, Nate joined Tableau as a Global Sales Director and helped the organization grow from $100MM to over $1 Billion on his way to becoming Vice President of World-Wide Sales & Partner Enablement.  Nate led change in management development, sales SOP, L&D, partner training, and field readiness.  He’s credited with driving results through culture and praised for his impact as a storyteller who motivates and develops careers broadly across the organization.  Today, Nate is Global Vice President of GTM Enablement at Gong and he’s joined me in this episode to share his story and a few techniques aspiring people managers can put into practice.  Follow Nate on LinkedIn and stay current with his leadership and motivational content.